They say when you love something, you should share your enthusiasm and passion with everyone. Sometimes, "they" get things wrong. A key example comes from a vehicle spotted in the parking lot of a Shaw's supermarket in Lewiston, Maine, where someone decided to forego a professional paint job, stickers, decals or anything of the sort. Instead, they had a message they wanted scrawled onto the back of their truck, and they were going to do it themselves so that everyone could see.

Reddit via lotus road
Reddit via lotus

Shared on Reddit by lotusroad, someone appears to be driving around the Lewiston/Auburn area hoping to inspire some honking from other drivers in the twin cities. The driver was so passionate about their messaging, they decided to scribe it twice, once on the back bumper and another time on the back gate. Have to double your fun when you can.

If you're sitting there shaking your head at the photo, Maine has carved itself quite a niche for having strange vehicles perusing the streets. There's the infamous MILF mobile, featuring so many MILF-related stickers, there's almost not enough cliches to go around. There's the pickup truck with the sexy Sasquatch covering the back gate that has raised more than few eyebrows. And of course, before the change to the license plate rules recently, Maine was chock full of vanity plates that ranged from downright crude to outrageously funny.

Reddit via Reckless85
Reddit via Reckless85

So if you happen to see this vehicle in Lewiston/Auburn, honk if you must. It's officially been added to the 'list' of vehicle oddities in Vacationland.


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