Halloween falls on a Saturday this year and it's just 3 weeks away. With that in mind, my neighbors and I have been chatting about how we're going to handle this always wicked fun holiday. We love Halloween in our neighborhood.

Kelly, a mom who lives across the street from us, told us how she heard some folks were planning on running PVC pipe from the front door to the sidewalk. Take that Snickers mini and "Send it!"

I've also thought that maybe we should just turn all the lights off and opt out of welcoming trick or treaters. My wife has informed me that our neighborhood has always been a mecca for kids at Halloween. It's Colonial Acres in Westbrook, and it's got lots of side streets with plenty of houses to hit up for some candy.

That being said, I'm not allowed to cancel Halloween at our house this year. But of course, we want to do everything safely and do our best to make sure nobody passes the virus around or gets sick.

So what should we do to help prevent that from happening? You probably have been asking the same thing.

Well how about some great tips from my favorite little city in Maine, Hallowell. This was posted yesterday by the Hallowell Health Officer. The recommendations are meant for residents there. However, these are really good points to share with every Maine community.

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