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For a while now, especially the last year, Boston has been an absolute hotspot for A-list celebrities to roll through. Normally, though, it's not for a long-term stay, but instead just being in town for a movie shoot (the most recent that comes to mind is stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and more for the Netflix original Don't Look Up.)

But is there a chance that some A-listers could be looking at making Boston their end game?


Obviously, by now, you've heard of Peloton and the massive movement and success the product has had, connecting you to a network for multiple stationary bike workouts where you compete with others from around the world for "placement" in age groups and other demographics. According to BostInno, Hydrow, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is essentially the same exact thing, but instead of a stationary bike, it's a stationary rower.

Hydrow isn't a brand-spankin' new product, but it's still in its infancy, being discovered by the former coach for Team USA's rowing team, Bruce Smith, back in 2017. Possibly trying to cash in on the craze early on, multiple A-list celebrities invested in Hydrow, including comedian Kevin Hart. Not only did Kevin invest in Hydrow, but last year he also became the company's creative director.

BostInno reported that over 10,000 machines have already been sold, which come complete with not only the rowing machines themselves but also an HD screen and speakers and go for about $2,000 each. Hydrow should get more of a boost, too, with the inclusion of even more A-listers investing alongside Kevin Hart.

Quite possibly the biggest name in the list of celebrity investors, Justin Timberlake, tossed his hat in the Hydrow ring. Other celebrity investors include possible future NFL Hall of Famers Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers and Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs, comedian Whitney Cummings, and a Grammy-winning artist in Lizzo.

With Hydrow being based in Cambridge, is it possible that any of the above-mentioned celebrity investors or any other A-listers that may also hop on board and invest in Hydrow, plant roots in the Boston area when they're done hustling in their current roles? It's more possible than probable but never say never.

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