WGME reports that a new bill has been introduced that would forgive the student loans of front line health care workers who are putting themselves at risk during the pandemic.

Becoming a health care worker is an incredible commitment; it requires long hours of education, long hours working and many years of student loans for most. The "Student Loan Forgiveness For Frontline Health Workers Act" would eliminate front line workers' student debt that is related to their medical education.

Saying thank you is great and all, but maybe this is a grand gesture that can really convey our appreciation. The bill would forgive both private and federal student loan debt. Doctors, nurses and other health care workers can rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in education loan debt. Our front line workers worry everyday about their families, patients and their own well-being, taking student loans off their plate is a meaningful way to thank them for their sacrifice and boost their morale.

The Move On petition was signed by over 500,000 people just last month, it asks Congress to include forgiving student loan debt for health care workers in the next stimulus bill.

The American Medical Association is also asking Congress for relief for graduate medical students and residents whose debt averages more than $200,000. They are asking for at least $20,000 in loan forgiveness.

Do you support forgiving student loans for our front line health care workers who put their lives in danger every day to care for patients affected by COVID-19? Comment on our Fan Page.

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