My family and I have been eating a vegan diet for about a year and half now. So we are always on the lookout for tasy new plant based menu options. And I must admit. Sweet treats are always what we get most excited about.

When I was on my annual July summer break from rocking aboard the Blimp, I learned that Dairy Queen is now serving dairy-free Dilly Bars. It didn't long for me to get right over there and get in the drive-thru line on Main Street in Westbrook.

Now there's a unbelievably delectable looking yummy thing that is sure to eclipse the excitement of the new dairy-free Dilly Bar at our house.

It a looks like my favorite Girl Scout cookie from childhood, the "Caramel deLite" formerly called the "Samoa". This tasty looking thing of beauty was announced yesterday on The Holy Donut Facebook page.

They have named the new donut creation the "Triple C" for it's mouthwatering combination of toasted coconut, caramel glaze, and dark chocolate stripes drizzled on top.

Ok I'm in! When can I put it in my mouth? The Holy Donut says these will be available in all of their locations beginning Wednesday August 5.

Tomorrow can't come quick enough. I'm about ready to eat the photo.

Thank you to The Holy Donut for continuing to create egg and dairy free options. And I remind you, these are a great choice for folks who are cutting back on animal based food too.

Vegan food tastes great these days. Believe me. My family wouldn't have made it this long eating plant-based if it didn't dazzle the taste buds.

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