Over the past few Winter Olympic Games, one of the sports that has seen a significant boost in interest is the game of curling. If you're unfamiliar, the game is played on an ice surface and requires teams to work together to slide curling stones into a targeted area. Curling is strategy and skill heavy, and to the average viewer at home, seemed like the only  event in the Winter Olympics that they may be able to pick up tomorrow. There's just one problem if you live in Maine, there's only ONE curling club in the entire state. That may be changing soon.


According to the Saco Bay News, a non-profit called Pine Tree Curling Club has found a property in Saco where they'd like to open a new curling center. There's just one problem, that property is inside the Spring Hill Business Park and non-profits and prohibited from opening there. So while the property at 29 Spring Hill Road may be perfect, Pine Tree Curling Club will need the approval of the city council in order to close the deal.

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If they do get approval, they'll become Maine's second curling club. Currently, the Belfast Curling Club is the only operational curling club in Maine. It would also fill a recreational hole in southern Maine, where pop-up curling clubs in Portland and surrounding areas have been a huge hit. Pine Tree Curling Club is confident that if they open it, people will come. A decision should be coming soon.

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