A new restaurant and lounge in the Auburn area is throwing everything you know about date night out the window and creating a unique new dining and entertainment experience. Dinner and a movie? Nope. How about chocolate fondue and a burlesque show? Or cheesy fondue and karaoke?

LAVA Fondue Restaurant & Show Lounge

34 Court Street Auburn, ME

LAVA's website explains their unique offerings as "speakeasy, casual, healthy, and fun dining at its finest. Whether you are looking for a fun night out with family and friends, a romantic date night, or a dining experience that is both relaxing and memorable, LAVA has you covered."

From glorious cheese and herb combinations to chocolate dessert fondue. You get to be a little kid again! Playing with your food and double dipping are the ONLY ways to eat here! Score!


LAVA has more than just fondue. How about a cook-your-own protein option? The cooking boards allow you to sizzle up the perfect chicken, seafood, or steak to your taste.

Yelp.com reviewer Michaela M. says: 

...We got the cooking board. OMG. Steak and shrimp with a jalapeno rub, a sweet brown sugar rub, and a zesty cooking oil. We had so much fun cooking our own food. I am a glutton for spice, so I loaded mine up and Mom took it easy. I definitely did not need to finish, but I did.


We were finishing dinner just in time to get another cocktail and enjoy the show! It was perfect - fun, tasteful, and just the right length of time. You could tell the girls were having fun performing - we even got a photo with them after the show!


Want to open up your tastebuds and experience food without seeing it first? Then you've got to try Dining in the Dark at LAVA on Wednesday nights. Limiting your sense of sight really broadens up your sense of taste.

Went to Lava last night for their dining in the dark experience. The hubby was a little nervous but the atmosphere when you walked in helped to relax him and get us both ready for a bit of adventurous eating. We were led to our table BLINDFOLDED and ate that way throughout the meal.

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