So if you spent any time in Maine in 2018, you were witness to (and possibly a cause of) the great squirrel apocalypse. Squirrels were becoming roadkill at an alarming rate, leaving many to wonder if there would be any squirrels left in Vacationland before winter hit. Well, if you believe this map shared on Reddit by Dremarious, then the squirrel population is plenty healthy in Maine and they outnumber human beings by a pretty wild rate.

It's fair to be plenty skeptical about the data used to create this map. But the idea that squirrels outnumber people in Maine by a ratio that falls somewhere between 11-20 to 1. There are plenty of people that are not even blinking when it comes to that ratio, especially after living through that "apocalypse" back in 2018. Is that data totally legit? Probably not.

Matt Cardy
Matt Cardy

One little fun fact and piece of data that this map absolutely gets correct is that there are no known squirrels in the state of Hawaii. They have something similar in the mongoose, but that adorable gray squirrel that we know and run over consistently here in New England simply doesn't exist on the island paradise.

So if the squirrels ever decide to mobilize here in Maine, we will certainly be in for the fight of our lives. Someone let Stephen King know that this topic could make a killer new book. Literally.

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