FIve Super Bowls, 25 playoff games, Deflategate, the perfection that is Tom Brady and the evil genius of Bill Belichick. As a Pats fan, this is the Golden Age. To NON-Pats fans there's a lot to hate. Which basically we see as JEALOUSY! The fine folks at FiveThirtyEight ran their expert analysis to figure out what NFL Team's Fans hate the Patriots the most.


And the winner is....THE NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS! What? This is the team that actually BEAT us in Super Bowls.  34.7% of Giants fans hate us ('cause they ain't us). In second place came the Steelers (33%) followed by the Panthers at 32.9%. Chargers fans hate us the least at 17%.

We were wicked surprised to see that Jets Fans came in 20th place on the Pats Hate Scale.


Interestingly the poll also shows that the Pats are the 3rd MOST-LOVED team in the NFL...only outloved by the Cowboys and the Packers who came in at #1.


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