Some may call it ironic, some may say that it's brilliant- the Rolling Stones tour is being sponsored by a retirement planning group.

That's right, Alliance for Lifetime Income is the full sponsor for the Stone tour and will have tables set up at the stadium shows trying to get the word out about financial planning and retirement income options. I'm falling asleep just writing about it.

Alliance is actually a non-profit, so the band didn't make as much money from them as they could have from another company or business. The Stones took the deal because they support the cause. That's awesome.

Will this combination work? Well, I was thinking that folks who are hard core Stones fans might be past the point of no return when it comes to retirement planning. Wouldn't it be better for the non-profit to target festivals and talk some financial sense into the younger generation? It's also ironic that a retirement group is sponsoring a classic rock band that has no intention of retiring!

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