Over the last week, one of the most shared posts on Facebook has been an epic business sign war that's ongoing in the town of Christiansburg, Virginia. According to Upworthy.com, the two-week long war began with a simple question from a local music store to a Super Shoes location, "Wanna start a sign war?". Bridge Kaldro Music probably had no idea the craziness that would follow. Several more businesses hopped in and the Facebook post that brought attention to the sign war garnered more than half-a-million shares. Could it happen here in Maine? A State Farm and Wendy's location in Waterville are willing to try.

Shared on Facebook by Wendy's Waterville, their sign war with the State Farm Agency belonging to Michael Lee has just started and people are already craving more. State Farm took the lead, challenging Wendy's to a sign war. After Wendy's accepted, they tossed the first true barb, asking "Mike, from State Farm, what was he wearing?". Just like their nuggets, Wendy's got a spicy response from Mike and State Farm, letting the fast-food chain know that "his buns aren't soft like yours!". Well played, Mike. Well played.

The post has already garnered thousands of shares on Facebook and people from all across New England are invested. How will Wendy's respond? Is Mike Lee a part-time comedian? What other business in Waterville is going to toss themselves into this sign war and get involved? Will they come at Wendy's or are they going for Mike Lee and State Farm? So many questions and we're here for it.

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