According to the New York Post,There is one action that you can take every day that will lead to having better friends, better sex and more adventure.

Being a bed maker, I was not surprised to learn that a new study showed that bed makers have better life habits and more fulfillment than those who blow off making their bed.

A few statistics:

  • Bed makers describe themselves as being much more confident and full of adventure than non-bed makers who described themselves as shy and moody.
  • If you are dating a bed maker and you are not one, they WILL judge you. Especially if you are an expected guest, if you know what I mean.
  • Bed makers are less likely to hit the snooze button, and  they wake up 16 minutes earlier on average.
  • People who make their beds have more close friends.
  • Folks who make the bed are more likely to just mess it up again because they have more sex! They average 3 times a week, non- beed makers average 2.

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