It's time for the Radio Event of the Year! Our annual trip to the Blimp Archives....It's A to Z Time!

The Blimp is one of a handful of radio stations that has remained a Rock station for multiple decades. Since the BLM inception in 1973 in Litchfield, to our years in L/A to our 20+ years at One City Center, we've amassed one of the largest collections of Rock and Roll anywhere.

And one time a year we play it all back in alphabetical order. Well, kind of.

We know our Rock pretty well. It's the alphabetizing thing that's not so strong for us.

Luckily, we have great neighbors at the Portland Public Library. So, we took the OFFICIAL WBLM A TO Z LIST to the PPL and let their fabulous librarians have a look. It turns out our A-Z system was the worst situation they've seen since the "Dewey Decimal Blackout" of 1987.

We're not quite sure what that is, but if you are a librarian, I guess it' a big deal.

Watch as we get the Portland Public Library Seal of Approval:



If you have not been in the Portland Public Library lately, you should make the trip. Not only did they put out a wicked cool display of Rock books in our honor -- in A to Z order of course -- but they also are such a great hub for so many things going on in Portland. It truly is at the epicenter of all things good and cool Portland!  Find out more about their programs, concerts, exhibits, resources and more.

This year A to Z is dedicated to Sonja, Meg, Emily and all the great people at the Portland Public Library! 


A to Z starts MONDAY at 7 am.  Listen on the new WBLM APP so you can take A to Z with you wherever you go!


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