Last month, I wrote an article about how Donnie Wahlberg left a $2,020 tip when he was home in Massachusetts around Thanksgiving week for a waitress he always asks for at a local diner he frequents when he's home.

Well, this wasn't a $2,020 tip and it wasn't Donnie Wahlberg, but the huge heart was the same.

Over the weekend, a former co-worker and friend posted a picture of a tab that her daughter, who works at Friendly Red's Tavern on Rt 111 (22 Haverhill Road) in Windham, New Hampshire, was left at one of her tables.

The tab? $72.91. The tip? Well, see for yourself.

Cassandra Luna
Cassandra Luna

If you do the math, which I did, that $560 tip on a $72.91 bill is an almost 800% tip. EIGHT HUNDRED PERCENT.

And in a day and age where getting to your local restaurants is hit or miss for a lot of people because they want to remain safe and stay home (or they opt for curbside pick-up so they can still support local restaurants, but which prevents servers from receiving tips), that's a HUGE deal.

I'm not sure if the server, named Jaelyn, knew who left the tip for her or not (based on what I've seen in the comments section, it sounds like maybe she did -- it seems like it was a friend of someone she knows), but regardless, THIS is how we look out for each other.

Maybe Jaelyn is a student and waitressing is the only way she can have extra spending money at school, or she needs it for tuition or books -- maybe she just wanted to be able to have extra cash to give her family some next-level Christmas gifts. Who knows. But what I do know is because of this generous person/these generous people, she'll be able to.

Just think about that the next time you go through a drive thru for a coffee or a burger, or order food from a restaurant for pick-up, or have a pizza delivered to your house. I love this so much, I love the message at the bottom, and I just love the fact that while facing a HORRIBLE year for most, we're STILL finding ways to make it a positive for our New England family. NO ONE is better than us, and this is proof there are STILL lots of great humans out there.

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