This Epic Rock Tale comes from the mouth of legendary AC/DC singer Brian Johnson. The legendary vocalist told us about a time AC/DC were forced to outsmart a group of religious protesters while on tour, so we turned it into a piece of unforgettable animation!

Why were people picketing an AC/DC concert in the U.S.? Well, guitarist Angus Young has been known to drop his pants onstage. Sometimes he’ll have undergarments decorated with the flag of the country AC/DC is playing in. Other times, his underwear will simply showcase an AC/DC logo. If fans are really lucky, however, they may end up seeing a full moon thanks to Angus Young’s wild stage persona.

One of these incidents brought picketers to an AC/DC gig. The band was instructed to get on the floor of the tour bus for their own safety, but the Aussie rock legends knew they needed a way into the venue that day. Someone on the AC/DC team concocted an ingenious idea which not only guaranteed AC/DC’s safety, but got the band’s bus past the protesters like world-class secret agents. How did they pull it off? We’ll let Brian Johnson tell you himself in this episode of Epic Rock Tales.

Check out Brian Johnson’s recollection in the exclusive video above and be sure to watch even more Epic Rock Tales below!

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