With Funtown taking 2020 off they used that time to spruce up the park. You'll notice fresh paint nearly everywhere and a particularly fun upgrade to the classic ride, Adult Bumper Boats.

The Adult Bumper Boats have been enjoyed by Mainers and tourists for decades. This fun ride is essentially bumper cars on the water, although a bit more difficult to maneuver. (If you've never ended up spinning in circles, you're lying.)

Families have long enjoyed coming up on the side of someone's boat just to slosh them with a bunch of water. And, on a particularly hot day, it's welcomed!

Well, now the ol' boats have received an upgrade with the addition of water blasters!

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Yes, now not only can you splash your friends and family via bumping, but you can actively spray them as well! These Blaster Boats are very easy to use.

You have one handle for squirting and one for accelerating.

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These ain't the bumper boats from your childhood! On your annual Funtown outing this year make sure you hit up the new and improved Blaster Bumper Boats!

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