The First Radio Parish Church of America started on WCSH radio nearly 92 years ago, in April of 1926. It became the longest running religious broadcast in the US. Sadly, many Mainers are going to miss their morning coffee with Rev. Peter Panagore after February 28.

It became known as Daily Devotions on WCSH 6 TV. If you're an early riser who grew up in Maine, you probably have seen this true gift of television.

For many years when I was a kid in Augusta it was hosted by Rev. David Glusker who was the minister at Green Street Methodist Church right across from my grandparents home. I attended Cony High School in the 80s with his sons, Jim and Joel.

As an adult I have had the privilege of knowing the last minister of the First Radio Parish, Reverend Peter Panagore and though it's been too long since we had lunch, I'm proud to call him a friend. His ecumenical approach and calming words of wisdom each day on the air have been a needed pause to many all over Maine since 2003...all in about 2 minutes.

Unfortunately, the donations to keep Daily Devotions going have diminished to the point that the feature can no longer be funded. Maybe it can continue as a series on Facebook...just a thought.

Here's the farewell message from Reverend Panagore. Thank you for the love, Peter.

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