Thanks to all you Blimpsters out there who have gone WBLM-crazy with their Christmas shopping at the WBLM Merch Shop. There is soooo much cool stuff to get that shows the world you know your Classic Rock.  Our number one seller by a long shot this year is the  WBLM retro t-shirt. 




Over the summer our fantastic co-worker Stephen Lenz unearthed this vintage Blimp logo, ran into the studio, and said, "Hey guys, let's make a t-shirt out of this..we'll sell MILLIONS of 'em!." Great idea, Stephen, and here it is. Our limited-edition vintage WBLM Blimp shirt. It's a little different than the usual Blimp logo. That's because this is the limited-edition promotional logo we launched 30 years ago when WBLM switched from the 107.5 frequency on your FM dial, to our current 102.9 spot. This was the killer logo we used at the time to promote our new frequency! Now we have brought it back for Christmas 2020

Stuck on what to get someone for the Holidays? How about something CLASSIC. Something that ROCKS. Something that tells the world that you're a proud MAINER.

We have just the perfect gift. Something from the WBLM Merch Shop.

Whether they've been naughty or nice (actually, maybe ESPECIALLY naughty), they will love something from the Blimp.

Plus, mugs, stickers, bags, phone cases, facemasks, even a WBLM Skateboard! 









For the ladies, we even have a cool Racerback Triblend Tank. And for some reason someone ordered a bunch in this cool Pacific Blue color:

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WBLM Archives


Happy Shopping! Merry Christmas! And thanks for rocking with the Blimp!


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