Blyth and Burrows has been under construction at 26 Exchange Street for months. Lots of buzz on this place. It looks like this Friday might be the day it opens!

According to Portland Food Map:  The bar has entrances to the space off of Exchange, and an alley entrance to a more casual space (and menu) called the Broken Dram on the back side of the building. The bar is named for two sea captains buried in the Eastern Cemetery that fought an epic sea battle in Casco Bay in 1813. 


We are also hearing things about a secret entrance. Where? Well, we THINK it may be somewhere in the main bar to get to the Broken Dram. We'll just have to wait until Friday and report back! And we're kind of hoping the Broken Dram is REALLY rustic. And maybe the drinks will be cheaper too!



Here's the story on Captains Blyth and Burrows. Both men died on on the same day after an epic sea battle. This is wicked cool Portland history. The first toast at B&B should go to these brave souls!


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