According to the Bangor Daily News, another ICE facility will be opening in Maine, but unlike the Portland office, this one will be a holding center.

ICE is an acronym for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency that prosecutes and deports illegal immigrants. We have an office here at One City Center and we've watched protests outside of our building. The ICE office here allegedly does not contain holding rooms. The new site which will be at 40 Manson Libby Rd. in Scarborough will be a holding site.

The detention center will share space with a marketing firm and a Veteran's agency. The leasing company spokesperson, Alisha Wofford told BDN, "ICE operations are not expected to trigger any of the visiting veterans." Hope you're right Alisha.

Don't expect bright lights and signage announcing that ICE is there, they are trying to keep things on the down low.

Here's what the ICE facility will be doing:

  • Processing and finger printing suspects
  • Detaining people in holding rooms onsite
  • If not approved for release, suspects will be discreetly transfered to an overnight facility in unmarked vans

There are no other holding facilities in Maine and the closest Enforcement and Removal Operations field office is in Boston.

No date has been released for when operation will begin at the 40 Manson Libby Rd. facility in Scarborough.

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