Paul Bunyan has always been a larger than life figure for the city of Bangor. Off of Main Street stands a tribute to Bunyan, a 31-foot-tall statue that serves as a landmark for downtown Bangor, and a reminder that Bangor claims to be the birthplace of both Bunyan AND the lumber industry. But development has grown around the statue, and if you're placed in the right room at a surrounding hotel, well...Paul Bunyan looks like a real creep.

Reddit via TingTang125

Shared on Reddit by TingTang125, while staying at the Hollywood Slots Casino Hotel, they happened to notice that Mr. Bunyan was still very visible from their room. But not in that "hey, welcome to Bangor" kind of way. Instead it's more of a "hey, don't mind me, I'm just staring into your hotel room" kind of way. And if that doesn't creep you out enough...

Reddit via Hothr

Check out the view on the 3rd floor of a nearby parking garage shared by Hothr, where Paul has probably frightened countless motorists who were expecting his big mug as they were attempting to make their way home after a night out.

So anyways, sleep easy Bangor. You've got Paul Bunyan watching over you. Or watching you. Yeah, watching you.