So many wedding traditions are dying out, and slowly so are bachelor parties. Well, the guys are still having them, but they are choosing more often to be "stripper free". The changing vibe can be attributed to men getting married when they're older and not feeling the need to tear it up like they did in their 20's. Another reason is that millennials aren't as into binge drinking as the past few generations were. Most hipsters aren't into as into shots and "dancers" as the motley crowd of boys that I hung out with in the 80's. What are Maine guys doing for bachelor parties these days? I found a lot of outdoorsy and fun options from companies that offer "non-traditional" bachelor party entertainment. If the groom is into hunting then get his best man on Silverton Sporting Ranch in Canaan, Maine where there is a long list of outdoor activities. Another popular way to  keep a bunch of guys totally happy is to load them onto a bus with Maine Beer Tours for an afternoon of tasting locally brewed suds. Maine Indoor Karting offers the"Ultimate Bachelor Experience" and I know for a fact that most guys really dig this place. Northern Outdoors can provide a bachelor party with a heart pounding white water rafting adventure, and don't forget to decorate the lodge with Naughty Boobie Balloons- just to make it feel a little bit more like a bachelor blow out.

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Mark left the country and went to Montreal. I sent my brother along. My husband is lucky that I didn't think of rafting trip upta The Forks!