Now that the Halloween madness has ended, it's time to take a deep breath and focus on our next big holiday-  Thanksgiving, or Friendsgiving. The difference between the two is the presence, or absence of family members.

So far my life order has been: Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving and now back to Thanksgiving. When I was a kid every other year was spent with one of my parents, in my twenties I had had enough of the shuffle and pulled away to celebrate some Friendsgivings, now I have a family of my own and we are back to family Thanksgivings.

Friendsgiving is not unusual because more families are living further from each other, there comes a time when young adults feel closer to their friend than their families, divorce leaves single parents without their kids some years, there are a lot of reasons.

Whether you are feeling grateful with friends or family this year, the point is to just recognize your blessings.

Here are some Friendsgiving ideas from Real Simple.

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