There was an article on Yahoo a couple weeks ago that got me to really think about how much of our history will be based on social media, and it kind of freaked me out a little. What will happen to my Facebook page after I die? I could be a part of a gigantic digital graveyard. So could you.

The dead outnumbering the living will happen sooner than I thought. In fifty years, expired Facebook users will be the majority of Facebook accounts. Facebook is still expanding at a huge rate. What should happen to our data after we pass?

You can have an account "Memorialized" for a deceased loved one on Facebook, that's where friends and family can share memories after someone has passed.

  • Friends and family can share timeline memories depending on privacy settings
  • Their page content can still be viewed, posts and pictures could still be seen by those they were shared with
  • Remembering, will appear by their name
  • Memorialized profiles won't pop up for birthday reminders, friend suggestions or people you may know.
  • The memorialized account can not be logged into.

A legacy contact is the person you choose to Memorialize and look after your account once you are gone. They can pin a tribute, accept friend requests, post to the profile and change cover and profile photos.

You CAN actually choose to permanently delete your account after you die by:

  • going to settings
  • scroll to Your Facebook Information
  • tap Account Ownership and Control
  • tap Account Memorialization Settings
  • tap Account Deletion, select Yes, Delete After Death
  • tap Save
  • You'll need to remove your legacy contact by tapping Remove next to their name for this to work

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