If you are a fan of the 'herb', then THIS is the place for you. And, NO I am not talking about a dude named Herb! This is a new frontier for America, and it's about to get smokey up in here....

It is 2017, and there are 8 states in American that have legalized marijuana use; including Washington D.C.. BUT, all in varying degrees. Meaning every state has it's rules, but so does the federal government. The kinks are still being worked out here in Maine as well. No one is quite sure how or when Maine will be allowing it's residents to 'Toke Up'. But, one thing is incredibly clear......most of us want to because we voted for it. Current reports are saying stores that sell marijuana could be opening as soon as February 2018. According to usatoday.com, some Mainers are finding ways around the law of selling 'Mary Jane'. A couple from Portland has found the perfect loophole. Their Facebook page 'Elevation 207' offers customers free 'weed' and just charge a delivery fee. And THAT is perfectly legal.

According to digboston.com, local Inn owner Trinity Madison is leading the front on opening lodging where guests can partake in marijuana infused cuisine. That also includes a '420 Happy Hour'. Just so happens, this is the first 'Bud & Breakfast' to open in the Northeast. Located in Cornish, Maine, check out The Laughing Grass Inn. They are offering 'trial run' stays in August and September. And, it all goes well, their doors will remain open for good. Here is what your stay will include:


Would you stay at The Laughing Grass Inn?


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