Ok amateur detectives, we need your help again. Actually, our heroes at the Auburn Police Department need your help.

From the Auburn PD Facebook Page:

Officer Shute is looking to identify the individuals in the photo. If you can provide any information please contact him through email at ashute@auburnmaine.gov or 333-6650 Ext. 6382. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Auburn PD
Auburn PD

If you do know how this person is, please do not give names in the comments section of the Auburn PD Facebook post. Just call or email at the info above. The mask makes it a little more complicated, but Maine is really one really big small town, so we know someone out there can help.  You all have done a great job of late through our posts, helping police identify people in Rochester two weeks ago and in Westbrook last week. Let's see if we can't help out the Auburn PD this week.


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