Yeah, we like to hike the natural beauty of the Maine woods for sure. Maybe hit the Portland Trails along the Presumpscot River this weekend. That's pretty easy to get to since it's in the city. You can even slide a kayak in there for a ride. That's about our speed. This outdoor trip in Northern Maine however, is absolutely for the hardcore.

It also would require a serious trip to get there as Gulf Hagas Maine is a nearly 4 hour drive from Portland. We're just not that committed. That's a pretty serious trip to get there. It would also take a serious amount of experience and bravery to accomplish this adventure.

Check out heart-racing rafting and kayaking footage from this gorgeous magical place and see why Gulf Hagas is called the 'Grand Canyon of Maine'!

It was posted on Vimeo by user TacomaKayak11 who in their description writes...

  "All out Balls out all i got to say....Live up in Maine ww kayak and off road shenanigans ALL DAY EVERYDAY."

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