Every year the smarty pants at Lake Superior University release a list of words and phrases that we should ditch for the New Year. It's a kind of public service to those who just don't know when to stop throwing, "Right?!!" into a conversation. During election years we always pick up something annoying that sticks around a little too long, so please say goodbye to bigly! Post-Truth is on the list but has already been dethroned just a few weeks into the new Year by Alternate Truth. Some other highlights include: Guestimate, Frankenfruit, Ghost, Listicle and Focus. My personal peave is, "Does that make sense?", which demands definite validation about whatever the person is saying with their head tilted in that way that tells you this was not a rhetorical question, they expect a response.

The gang at LSSU has been making a list of words to ditch every year since New Year's Eve 1975, their work is "On Fleek".

What word or phrase do you wish would just go away and never darken your day again? Comment on our Fan Page.

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