Wow. It finally happened. Barstool's own, CEO and founder, Dave Portnoy, finally came to Portland, Maine, over the weekend for the first time.

This is a small city, so naturally everybody who lives here was freaking out on instagram when he posted this on his Instagram stories:

stoolpresidente via Instagram
stoolpresidente via Instagram

After all my stalking, it's unclear so far if he stopped in for a quick vacation, or if he's going to later in the week drop some pizza reviews for these three Portland places he posted.

1. Flatbread Pizza

This was one of the places I suggested he visit!

2. Pizzaiolo

This is the only place out of these three where I found some evidence on Instagram that hints Dave may be releasing his first Maine pizza review, per Pizzaiolo's Instagram stories spotting him outside the pizza spot:

Pizzaiolome Instagram
Pizzaiolome Instagram

3. Monte's Fine Foods

Dave gave another pizza place Monte's his perfect 10 score. Think he would do the same here?

Ironically, Flatbread was on a list I made recently of pizza places that Portnoy needs to come to Maine one day and try, so this little trip he had is super ironic.

The story gets crazier. Portnoy just showed up on my Instagram list of story views this morning. HE'S WATCHING.

Did he somehow get a quick view at the article I wrote summoning him to Maine and hopped on a plane to make it happen?

True or not, I'm choosing to believe that's what happened hehe.

Looking forward to his Maine pizza reviews when they come out! You can check out one of his latest reviews as of this article:

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