It's pretty cool when Hollywood finds its way to Maine for some movie making. Filming is about to begin for Bone Cold, and extras are needed some time next week for filming here in Portland. Interested? Reach out to or check them out on Insta, @bonecoldmovie.

Bone Cold is a mix of action, horror and supernatural genres. Though it's being filmed in Maine, the story takes place in Ukraine. The writer, Billy Hanson, grew up in The County and O.O.B. and was heavily influenced by Stephen King. He even adapted one of King's short stories.

Here's the gist of Bone Cold:

Black Ops snipers are on a mission that goes south real quick. Enemy soldiers hellbent on revenge are tracking them. Somehow during this hellish experience some kind of bad, supernatural monster is released.

You don't need any acting experience to be an extra in the film, and it sounds like a bucket list opportunity that doesn't come around very often.

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