According to Fox23, a guest at the Cape Elizabeth Inn By The Sea saw a bear on the grounds last week! I don't blame the bear, that Sea Glass restaurant is absolutely beyond. I would eat out of their dumpster too! I'm not sure that's what the bear was doing, but I do applaud him on a very refined pallet.

Of course it isn't a good idea for those big, wild animals to get too close to relaxing tourists, or the locals for that matter. has some tips for keeping bears away from your home or business:

  • Number one, remove their food source! That means pet food, fruit trees, bird feeders, compost and trash.
  • Don't be friendly! It's safer for them and us if they are afraid and keep their distance.
  • Bear repellents are available that contain sulfur, pepper and Neem oil.

One of my favorite bears of all time is Yogi. In this classic video he is confused by a very randy Cindy Bear while trying to procure a picnic basket. That "sweet nothings" line never gets old. What a player...

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