The Ogunquit Police Department posted this video on their Facebook page of a ginormous kite flying over Ogunquit Beach.

It's great Kite flying weather, though I'll admit that it's been a while since I've actually flown a kite. This video has inspired me to take a trip down to the basement and attempt to locate our collection of un-flown kites. My kids received many kites when they were younger. I think it's time to take them for their first flights.

Did you know that Portland actually has a kite club? Yep, the Nor'Easters are an informal group of kite enthusiasts that play a major part in making events such as the Bug Light Kite Festival such stunning events. Check them out if you want to learn how to build or fly a kite.

Do you have a favorite spot for kite flying? Share it with us on our Fan Page.

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