If you consider yourself a Disney adult, or just simply are over 21 years of age and enjoy Disney, an experience is coming to Boston, MA, next year that you may want to go explore.

Imagine stepping into a Disney movie while sipping on a delicious cocktail. You can be the main character in your own love story with your friends, partners, or family members to create your own "Tale as Old as Time."

According to Hidden Boston, a 90 minute immersive cocktail experience will send you on a journey as you enter an enchanted and cursed world, home to both Beauty and the Beast. Not only is this a cocktail experience, but it is also an escape room as you dare to get out of the Beast's castle.

If you ever wanted to be invited to a Victorian cocktail party? This is your perfect chance, whether you want to dress up to look like one of the characters or just dress to impress. Head to the castle and sample only the finest food and beverages. You'll be transported into the magical fairytale, filled with tons of theatrics.

What Comes With This Experience?

  • You will get to create two of your own cocktails.
  • You will need to use your brain as you solve riddles and challenges to lift the Beast's curse and escape his castle.
  • You will be able to taste some of the finest castle food delicacies.
  • You get to enjoy theatrical performances.


As mentioned above, this experience is strictly 21+, however, there are some dates that they do have some family-friendly sessions available, in which you can choose to bring little ones along.

This amazing experience will be happening at the Merchant Kitchen & Drinks located at 60 Franklin Street, Boston, MA, and will be running from January 12th to March 30th (2023).

You can find more information and purchase tickets here.

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