has a super simple, but totally worth it beer pouring tip. That dry, room temperature glass or mug is not the perfect vessel for pouring a perfect beer.

This is how you do it:

Start with a sparkling clean glass, then rinse the glass or mug with cold water, but don't dry it. The cold water chills the glass a bit, but more importantly the water creates slip that reduces friction when pouring the beer. That slip creates a cleaner, smoother pour that results in a lovely, substantial and fragrant head. You'll look like an real pro when you serve up those tall frosties.

Here are a few more tips to pouring the perfect brew:

  • Tilt the glass at a 45 degree angle.
  • Don't let the bottle touch the side of the glass, there could be bacteria on the bottle or pitcher that could contaminate your beer.
  • Aim for the side of the glass and avoid splash back.
  • Start tipping the glass back up when it's about a third full.
  • Keep the beer pouring down the side of the glass until you have two inches of foam.
  • Let the foam settle a bit and enjoy a nose full of the aromas before taking your first sip.

My goal this summer is to brew my own batch. Do you home brew? Comment on our Fan Page.

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