It seems to be a growing trend, as of late; community businesses engaging in "sign wars" where they call each other out via their sandwich boards, billboards or neon signs.

Rollie's Bar & Grill Belfast Sign War, Janden
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Not only is it an interesting way to show the community around you that you have a sense of humor and that you're engaged in drumming up some business for all, but sign wars give businesses and opportunity to get quite creative with their wordplay.

In the case of Belfast, these businesses are getting quite cheeky; tongue-in-cheeky, if you will.

We spoke with Tina DelSanto, over at Front Street Pub and Delvino's:

"It’s mostly just for fun because it this point we all need the smiles," she said.

Front Street Pub, Belfast Sign Wars, Jessica York

"Our manager Jess is just awesome and comes up with ideas that not only help our business but usually include the town as well because she knows that community makes business work. We also have the 'Belfast Restaurant Group' where all of us owners/managers can meet 3-4 times a year and chat/ideas/gain insight and she proposed it there to everyone. Jess challenged us first to get the “ball” rolling.  Most didn’t have a signboard or only had one inside but it looks like everyone seems to be loving it so far."

Janden, over at Rollie's Bar & Grill says the group hopes their sign war will inspire folks to come and visit Belfast.

"Our first post was shared several time and reached over 4,000 people. Just another way to draw attention to our area like other towns have done."

I may just have to take a trip to Belfast at some point soon, to see these signs first-hand.

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