How creative can Mainers get in only 7 characters? That's the genius behind the Instagram of Vanity of Maine. Now because of freedom of speech laws, Mainers can say ANYTHING they long as it's in 7 numbers or letters. The results go from adorable to profane. Let's check out this week's crop of vanity plates

Often you'll see Mainers giving other Mainers advice with their vanity message. We think this is a good one!



You may have to go back to your 9th-grade chemistry class for this one. The H2O we got. The NACL we had to think about for a second. Put it together and this person loves the ocean and SALT WATER.  They get an A for creativity.


We always end up putting in some NSFW entries as the next two vanity plates show. At least this first guy is self-aware.

This is a good one...We know we say this A LOT when we are behind the wheel!


We like the ones that tell is a little bit about the driver or the vehicle. These next three do just that....






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