New England is a wonderful place to honeymoon.

I feel like New England is under-appreciated as a honeymoon destination. The weather varies seasonally, of course. However, from the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire to the beaches of Massachusetts and Maine, New England has perfect honeymoon spots.

No, you will not get the Bora Bora or Hawaii tropical feel, but you will get charm, scenic spots, and beautiful New England nature.

Since fall is the most beautiful time in New England and when many weddings take place, many do not want to leave New England during the leaf peeping time.

I mean, why leave the most beautiful time of the year? Wouldn't you want to save a tropical vacation for the brutal winters of New England?

If yes, a minimoon is a perfect option in any of the New England states.

Never heard of a minimoon? No worries, I will clarify.

A minimoon is going somewhere local, small, and quick immediately after your wedding. Then, maybe, you do a traditional honeymoon later.

Minimoons are becoming extremely popular for a variety of reasons.

1). You cannot always get certain time off. For example, some companies only let you take time off in the winter, or the summer, or other times.

2). Sometimes after a wedding, you want to get home somewhat quickly and unpack your stuff, organize your self, store your gifts, etc.

3). After a wedding, you may not have the funds for an extravagant honeymoon.

4). You get two getaways this way.

Whether you are planning a full on honeymoon to New England or a minimoon around your home state, below are the top suggested honeymoon spots in New England.

Top Honeymoon Destinations in New England

Here are the best places to honeymoon, or 'mini-moon' in New England.

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