If you spend a lot of time on social media, particularly Facebook, you have probably stumbled across what many people refer to as "scanner pages".  These are Facebook groups where the users post information they heard on police scanners.  Nearly every town, city, and county has one (or more).

Now, officials are warning people that these pages are often loaded with misinformation.

According to News Center Maine, police, firefighters, and other first responders are concerned about how information posted to these pages can hinder how they do their jobs.

In some cases, the person who heard the message misunderstood the information given or they misunderstood the codes used by first responders.  This can cause people to flood law enforcement call centers with calls asking for information.  These calls take first responder support staff away from concentrating on the developing situation.

In other cases, people post made up information - presumably to get a rise out of people.

Recently, Jay Fire & Rescue posted about one of groups on their own Facebook page.  They called for people to unfollow a specific Facebook group, saying:

Why does this matter? Well, spreading of false information can cause police or fire agencies to have a more difficult job during a scene or investigation after. It can also cause further misinformation being spread. It can cause reputations of people and places to be ruined, with no truth to back it up. It is also rude and mean to family and friends who may be very panicked that their family members are in danger when they are not. Or, even worse, when they are in danger or worse, family should be notified properly so everyone involved can be cared for.
Follow these pages if you like, but be aware that not everything you read on them is accurate.  Just like anything on the internet, you need to take a it with a grain of salt.

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