It's officially pumpkin spice season here in Maine, and that fun time of year where everything from a coffee to pizza is spiced just right for the season...if that's your thing.

Of course, it also means it's time for the most talented farmers and growers to show off the amazing gourd harvest.

Growing an enormously large pumpkin has to be one of the more underrated traditions annually in Maine. And every year at the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest & Regatta, the largest of the large arrive on pallets to be weighed for squash immortality.

This year, it was a familiar name who took first prize. Weatherman and pumpkin-growing aficionado Charlie Lopresti brought a gargantuan gourd to the party, weighing in at 2080 lbs.

That is one large pumpkin. It literally weighs over a ton. However, is it the largest pumpkin ever recorded in Maine? It's close, but just a few pepitas short.

That record belongs to grower Edwin Pierpont of Jefferson. Pierpont, who has had numerous record-sized pumpkins, set the latest weight just last year.

That is just an absolutely insane pumpkin. I feel like it would take two weeks to try and carve that puppy into a jack-o'-lantern

It's safe to say that Edwin is easily the number one squash savant in the state. However, there's plenty of top growers in Maine that will keep pushing to be the best. Is 2,500 lbs. doable? Only time will tell.

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