I am not here to bash the holidays because I think they are a beautiful and wholesome time of year when we get to spread love and cheer and time together.

That’s all great, trust me, but we can’t sugarcoat the fact that a lot of people are excited for that time together to be over.

Funny Binga’s Sign in Windham, Maine

With the holidays packed on top of each other and so many gatherings, dinners, and catching up going on, socializing can get exhausting. Not to mention, some people don’t even like the people they’re forced to be around for special occasions.

Holidays are often spent with family but that doesn’t mean people actually like their family or that they aren’t just simply annoying. That moment when you get to close the door after hosting an event or getting in your car to drive home can often be relieving for a lot of people.

When the holidays are over, it’s a time to breathe, lounge around in your comfy clothes, and do whatever you please without judgment.

Binga’s sign in Windham describes it best:

Townsquare Media

Family time during the holidays has been paused until further notice and now it’s time to get back to whatever your version of “tequila and wings” is.

Maybe you like walking around your house in your underwear, drinking juice from the carton, or simply just having a glass of wine without your mother-in-law asking how many you’ve had.

Whatever it is, cheers to you, friend.

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