Are you ready for the championship matchup for Blimp Bowl 2024?

The final two teams are set, and AC/DC and Bob Seger are going head to head for the final round. There will be voting all weekend long, so make sure to put your pick for who you want to be the winner.

Blimpsters can vote either on the WBLM App,, WBLM Facebook page or right above for their favorite band.

Vote. Vote. Vote.

The championship winner will be announced on Monday, Feb. 12, during the BLM Morning Show.

If this matchup sounds familiar, that's because it's a rematch of the 2023 Blimp Bowl celebrating the 50th anniversary of WBLM.

Can you believe these two are going at it for victory and glory once again

Will there be a repeat winner or will we get a new champion for this year? It seems that only time will tell.

For a little musical taste of the final matchup, check out these YouTube videos. Think that might sway you on who you pick?

Are you feeling AC/DC? Or maybe you've got Bob Seger? A little "Thunderstruck" or how about some "Night Moves"?


Bob Seger:

So who do you think will win? Can you guess? Are you surprised by the final two?

These are two legendary acts for the final round of Blimp Bowl 2024.

May the best one win it all.

Keep checking back to see who is in the lead and who still needs help!

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