Woah. Things escalated quickly on today's WBLM Morning Show. We were coming off a humdinger of a show yesterday with Samual Adams Beer Founder Jim Koch and the hits just kept on coming. You see, the best part of the morning show is hearing from YOU ALL. Mainers are the star on the Blimp and we never know what you are going to hit us with during our live show. Today we were celebrating International Left-Handed Persons Day. No biggie. We played a cool set of Classic Rock from some southpaws...Hendrix, McCartney, Iommi.  And then our of the blue came a Man Named Dan. Dan went on to tell us an incredible story. Dan was hit by a car when he was a kid. He was in a coma for over a month and they didn't say he would make it to his adult years. Dan told us he started out a right-handed but after the accident he was left-handed. He said HIS LOBES HAD SWITCHED. We are not even sure what that means but we are so glad that Dan is now 58, a teacher and a rocking Blimpster Extrodinaire. In his honor, we started International Lobe-Switching Day and made Dan the poster child.

Check out the phone call here:


Here's a little background on lobes and stuff. We are not neuroscientists so can't confirm Dan's situation, but we do know he is an awesome Blimpster and the winner of our CALL OF THE WEEK!


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