I found my WBLM coffee cup collection! These cups go back to when we were 107.5, then hops over to 102.9, then we have wblm.com and our 25th anniversary! I washed them and re-packed them to save for when the kids are a little bit older and more careful. Cups and bowls have a pretty short life at our house!

I think that your choice of coffee cup sets the tone for the day. My fave cup at work right now is my Becky's cup. I have to be careful to wash it and put it in my special drawer after every BLM morning show so that nobody steals it!

I had to take a pic of these two stars side by side!

WBLM cups

And my runner ups in the Favorite Coffee Cup category are...

Great Lost Bear and WCYY coffee cups

WCYY was the first new addition at One City Center. When they got their first bumper stickers, T-Shirts and coffee cups they officially became our good looking cousin up the hall! Getting their own cup was a big deal! The Great Lost Bear was my version of "Cheers" for years. Every Thursday night I would meet friends for their Brewer's Night. I had my own bar stool and went to Brewer's Fest with the staff. I have lots of wonderful G.L.B. memories. And some fuzzy memories from the 90's!

What BLM shwag do you have? A BLM banner, bumper sticker collection, t-shirt, coffee cup?! Share on our Fan Page or tweet #wblmshwag

My other favorite piece of WBLM memorabilia is my WBLM maternity shirt!