Many thank to all you Blimpsters who have been sending us stuff during this crazy pandemic. We love getting your photos, messages, crazy parody songs, and deliveries of toilet paper and other items that have been shipped to us at One City Center from all over the country. You WBLM listeners really are the best. I can tell you it's never been more of an honor to be on the radio to bring all of you people who are keeping Maine moving and alive some energy, positivity, and rock and roll!

Loyal Blimpster Charlie Toppi sent us this video this week and we just love it. He took some incredible drone shots of Portland...which is rather deserted right now and used the new Rolling Stones song "Living in a Ghost Town" as the soundtrack. It's perfect and really captures the vibe of what it's like to be down here right now. You'll even see the Blimp patio at One City Center.  Well done, Charlie, and keep them coming!




Here's the Official video from Ghost Town. Don't worry Charlie, we like your version better. It's a pretty cool story about how this song came about. The song was a work in progress and was sitting on a shelf unfinished. Mick and Keith both thought it would be PERFECT to release this song right now, so Mick changed around the lyrics and the Stones recorded the rest of the song separately in isolation. Voila! The best Stones song we've heard in a while.



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