You know those Facebook Memories things that pop up and that remind you of something that happened a few years ago? My usual response is something like, "Wow that was FOUR years ago?" Time flies, especially these days! Today we were reminded of something so cool that happened on the Blimp and, yes, we can't believe it was four years ago. Krist Novoselic visited the Blimp studios. Krist, Dave Grohl, and Kurt Cobain made a little bit of Rock history as Nirvana.  Krist is a great guy and came to Portland to talk about and support rank choice voting which, four years later is now the law of the land in Maine

Herb Ivy
Herb Ivy

Krist LOVED the Blimp studio because of all our vinyl. And when he saw our turntable he thought it needed some recalibration. Maybe it was the penny on the tonearm. What were we to say...NO? So Krist dug in with Tommy C, Guru, and The Captain. He attached a sweet new stylus and re-weighted the system. The only problem was we yanked a wire that caused a HUGE buzz. It took to the next morning for Captain and Celeste to get it fixed...thanks to a listener (Rick) who called in and walked us through how to fix it. Thanks, Krist! Thanks, Rick The Listener!


How many DJ's and Rock Stars does it take to fix a turntable?


Remember this infamous moment on MTV in 1992 when Krist hit himself in the head with his own bass? ROCK AND ROLL!



Classic Maine TV Commercial From the 80's


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