Do these dudes look like Blimpsters? Your damn right they do! That's why the good people at Down East Dickering have come to us to help them look for new cast members for the next season of the History Channel television smash hit known as Down East Dickering 

We spoke to our friend Rachel Macy who is casting the show. She lives in L.A. (Los Angeles not Lewiston/Auburn, sadly) and she is coming this way in a few weeks to talk to all you Uncle Henry-loving Blimpsters who want to be on the show. We're looking for pairs of people who can team up to wheel and deal-friends, family members, co-workers or couples. We know all you Dickerers listen to BLM...let's do this!

If you're ready to be the next Tony and Codfish or Yummy and Mitch-send an email to:

Or call 818-478-4570.

You may want to give Celeste and I a call beforehand so we can give you some interview pointers.

Good Luck and Happy Dickering!