We are so lucky be able to hear from Bob Socci after each week's Patriots game. Bob and Scott Zolack did another great job calling the game on WBLM yesterday and Bob is back from the "swamps of Jersey" to talk about the Patriots 27-13 victory of the New York Jets. It wasn't pretty and at times really frustrating to watch but the Pats got it done. Here's Bob with the Captain and Celeste from this morning:



We have the game recap for you. Here's what went right yesterday. Enough for the Pats to be the 2nd seed in the AFC. Let's keep it going with another win on Sunday against the Vikings!


Stat Leaders from Sunday. Good to see Gronk back in the mix.


Sunday's game in the Meadowlands had the most rushing yards of any Pats game in the past 4 years. Let's go inside the locker room...

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