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It must be tourism season, because the "best of" lists are coming out hot and heavy.

One of the latest comes from popular New England publication Boston Magazine. The periodical posted a piece that's geared to the masses that will be descending on Maine's largest city of Portland this summer.

Portland's Best Restaurants

The article is headlined, "10 Must-Visit Restaurants of Portland, Maine" (yes, they get right to the point. I appreciate that). It's a lovely write-up of 10 Portland restaurants that visitors and local should pay special attention to.

The list represents Portland well. The 10 restaurants may share in great taste, but differ in genre, style, and neighborhood. While there are numerous higher-end restaurants on the list, the magazine doesn't completely focus on them.

There are few surprises. Eventide, The Honey Paw, Chaval, and Central Provisions rarely don't make a "best of" list these days, and Fore Street and Duck Fat have been nationally recognized for a long time.

However, it's great to see the likes of Terlingua BBQ and Baharat getting recognition. Both have had tremendous popularity since opening at their respective times.

There are some omissions, but it's Portland. This place is littered with exceptional joints of all shapes, flavors, and sizes. I'm not sure there's a wrong answer to any of these lists, considering the town has approximately 765 great places to eat.

You can see the entire list below. Do you agree with all 10?

10 Can't Miss Portland Restaurants According to Boston Magazine

Boston Magazine published a list of 10 "can't miss" restaurants in Maine. It's a diverse list of genres and neighborhoods. Here's a closer look.

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