This has been one of the weirdest Januarys I can remember in my over 50 years of living here. There were above average temps that allowed us to wear just a sweatshirt outside not too long ago. 40 degrees this time of year never makes me mad. That doesn't appear to be happening again anytime soon.

We have had quite a taste of bitter chill this past week to say the least. It's about to get even colder. You know, that Maine winter cold that just punches you right in the face as soon as you step outside.

Here's the latest from our friends at the National Weather Service in Gray warning us of brutal cold as we wrap up the work week.

After a wicked cold weekend, this Facebook post from News Center Maine meteorologist Keith Carson has got me on high snow alert for the beginning of February.

I'm pretty sure the green is what represents the potential threat. If only the green meant a little spring was headed our way.

That 'Stahm Centah' theme song could be playing again on Channel 6 when we wake up next week...preparing us Mainahs for "Snow, Sleet, Rain...Whatevah!"

This O'Chang Comics promo for WCSH nevah gets old. We freakin' love it ovah heah.

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