30 years ago today--September 13th, 1987--the great Jose Diaz offered Brian James a gig here at WBLM. 30 years later, the Party Guru has reached legendary status! Born and raised on WBLM, Brian embodies everything we are about. Congrats to the Gu...we love ya!

Here's an old pic of Brian with the man that hired him, Jose Diaz and the great Melissa Etheridge.


With Van Halen when he MC'd  Monsters of Rock! Ask him about THAT one...



Cheers to this fabulous lady today as well....Thanks for taking care of our Guru all these years, Sherry Morrison!



Brian started in 1987....can you tell by the hair? He's in upper right corner with Cinderella. That's a sleepy Tommy C in the bottom left corner!



A born performer and pride of Cony High School, Brian loved the spotlight at an early age....



...and still loves the stage with the BLM Band. This guy can do it all!



With the Skynyrd boys...he's an honorary Van Zant!



Here's one from the 90's...



Cheers to our brother!  The real frickin' Rock and Roll Deal. Congrats Brian James!